Make Space For Mystery

My first piece

I came home from Madison inspired and on fire to try something new.

At dinner the first night, I sat next to author Susan Campbell Bartoletti.  She was  getting an award for her  book Naamah and the Ark at Night,   and it was our conversation that got me going.  We talked going to the next step creatively or in life and about moving through the fear that otherwise keeps us in the same place. And somehow, this was the conversation that made me truly understand that idea.  That this process is what life is.

It’s always scary (sometimes more scary than others) for me  to do something new or take the next step.  So now I know… I want to do something new, I get scared, I do it, then I can move on to the next new thing.  It sounds simplistic, but I don’t know any other way to describe it.  I used to think there would be a time when I wouldn’t be so afraid to try something new, but now I believe the fear is part of the experience.  It’s how I know I’m doing something important and moving forward. I also know that that fear and excitement often feel the same in my body, so maybe when I start to feel fear, I can begin to think about it as excitement instead.

After dinner Susan sent me a link to Teesha Moore’s website.   I was inspired.    Suddenly I could see myself making fabric collages like I’ve thought of, but for some reason,  was never able to do before.  Although I couldn’t see exactly what they would look like, I could imagine making them.

So this morning I went at it.  Not sure what I was doing, not afraid to make mistakes. My mind tried to stop me by saying I had to have some rules, some boundaries, and I agreed and tried to ignore it at the same time.

And these are the pieces I came up with.  I have to say, I’m still excited and can’t wait to try more.

My second piece

19 thoughts on “Make Space For Mystery

  1. Beautiful and inspiring. I love it. Look forward to seeing what collages you create. Inspires me to work through my fear. It’s not so scary on the other side once you get there. I have lots of ideas.

  2. Dear Maria,

    Several months ago I said when you do a streaming quilt I will be the 1st in line…LOVE the second piece – do you think it could be finished as a wall hanging?! I’m so excited for you! Jon is right, your creative spark is like watching an orchid bloom!


  3. “fear and excitement often feel the same in my body”…this makes sense to me, a woman who’s first reaction to EVERYTHING is fear…a holding back…a run and hide and be safe. i intend to look at this fear each time it arises and ask myself if it is perhaps excitement that i am feeling…a challenge to my old set of limits..and see the new path that is opening in front of me…and see where it leads. thanks for this post, maria.

  4. Maria, I absolutely love these! What a wonderful new direction for you to go in and how inspiring! Love to see how your work is evolving. It’s wonderful.

  5. Just read what you wrote above too. And, I understand exactly, had a mentor/counselor/friend who would encourage me in the same way. Telling me anxiety was part of growth and in recent years I finally understood what he was saying. Very much the same thing that you said above. He used to quote the old Nike slogan “Just do it” to me meaning do it with the fear etc. Love the way you describe it here.

  6. How lucky are we, Maria, to be privy to the birth of another road in your creativity. Thank you for sharing this with us. Your “new” work is captivating.

  7. thank you so much for letting me peek in on part of your creative journey. It is a wondrous thing indeed.

  8. LOVE this second piece and love the direction your work is going. Am wondering what the scale is. Would love to see you go big—the work deserves it. Thanks, Julie

  9. I so love the idea of these collages. Wall hangings in all sorts of textures and scale. Brilliant and dramatic! Good for you, Maria. <3

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