Tess Standing

When we went to the barn this morning, Tess was standing.  I know it’s because of the Penicillin, but it feels like a miracle.  I gave her the morning shot of Penicillin (my first time, with Jon’s help) and called Jenna to thank her. I was a bit surprised at how happy I was to see her getting better.  I think a part of me had given up on her, or never having the experience, I couldn’t image her getting better and certainly not so quickly.

I learned so much about sick sheep in just a few days, from smelling their  hooves for infection, to checking their eyes, to giving an injection.  We’ll keep her in the barn till she stops limping and feed her some yogurt with her grain, to help with digestion since she’ll be on Penicillin for a few more day.

Tess is such a sweet sheep.  It’s true she tried to eat my earrings, and I had to pry her mouth open to get my necklace out of it (it was still on my neck)  but that’s just another sheep lesson for me: don’t squat down and talk to a sheep if your wearing jewelry.  But she doesn’t run away from  me, or jump fences and likes to be scratched.  And although I don’t know much about it yet, I think she’ll have a beautiful fleece.

Soon Tess will be back grazing the pasture with Suzy and Socks.


11 thoughts on “Tess Standing

  1. I am so happy that Tess seems to be bouncing back Maria. I couldn’t help but worry a bit about you if something should happen to your sheep. I believe Lil’ Miss Jenna will be a great asset for you as a new sheep Mom , that girl is something else for sure. I think you & Jenna will learn alot from one another. I am very happy that you ex-boyfriend broke rank with his head strong self & called Jenna , all in all I think you have softened the ex-boyfriend just a little. Hope Tess keeps on the road to recovery & can join her group real soon.

  2. Isn’t Penicillin wonderful! It’s so rewarding to help an animal get well again, I learned with my goats that you provide consistent supportive care (and lots of love) and let the animal and nature do the rest. And pray – that helps too. I’m glad Tess is back on her feet. xo

  3. Maybe Tess would like her own necklace and earrings? She looks sweet enough to get away with wearing jewelry.

  4. Congratulations Maria to you and Jenna on saving Tess! She is a lovely sheep and I’m so glad you had the experience of helping bring her back to health! Great job!

  5. Maria, So very glad to hear that your Tess is recovering. It’s experiences like this that bind us to our animal companions….heart-opening and mysterious all at the same time.

  6. Also, don’t go into the sheep pen with your IPod in your pocket and the earbud cord draping loose. I’ve had to replace a few earbuds in my time.

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