New Quilt, No Name Yet

I started this quilt on Monday.   First I design it.  When I started it, I only knew I wanted to piece together a bunch of small pieces for the middle of the quilt and work around it.

Next I sew it all together, making adjustments and small changes as I sew.

Here it is with the backing and batting.  Tomorrow I’ll tack it with yarn.

I have a few favorite parts in this quilt.  The center, (I love the way all the colors and patterns are so different yet hardly distinguishable)  the crooked pink pocket from the corduroy pants and the upper left corner (those pieces of fabric really shouldn’t work all together, but they do).

This quilt doesn’t have a name yet, I’ll have to see what comes to me.  I think it may be an antidote to the Psycho shower curtain.

13 thoughts on “New Quilt, No Name Yet

  1. I love the colours in this one, Maria! It’s so very cheery!

    (Which photo most depicts its true colour? The first photo is so radically different from the others.)

  2. “Lock your troubles away” I think, because the pocket is so secure with the flap, that troubles could be locked up tight in it. Just now, with cancer on my plate, I could use a secure place to store and then rid myself of these troubles.
    Peg – PS A song keeps coming to mind about “Lock all your troubles in dreams and dream all your troubles away. So it is a ‘dream pocket’, Maria. Peg

  3. Maria, I love this quilt! So happy! In the spirit of its being an antidote to the Psycho shower curtain, I think you should call it Singin’ in the Rain!

  4. From my perspective this quilt looks like “The Story of Rose.” I write that because Rose corraled the sheep in the pasture, hence the rose border around the center. The symmetry of the grazing sheep (or flowers) in the center.

    I’m just sayin’

  5. It’s beautiful! I like JD Collins comment. I agree with her. Love the corduroy pocket. That could become a trademark on all your quilts…a little pocket to tuck away your cares.

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