The Perfect Person

Designing my potholders

Today something happened that I have wanted to happen for over a year.  I found the perfect person to help me assemble my potholders.  It was Nancy who lead us to each other.  I  first met Kim in a drumming class over the summer.  She’s fun and likable.  She laughs a lot and is easy going.  When Nancy told me she sewed professionally for years and might be looking for some extra work, I knew she was the right person.

Kim came to my studio this morning and we agreed on the important things. That work should be enjoyable, and how much she should be paid.  I showed her how I put a potholder together and she picked it up in a second,  as if she had done it a million times.  Kim has no desire to design the potholders either.  This is so perfect, I didn’t want to work with someone who really wanted to be doing something else.  Assembling is what Kim likes to do.  I told her how my favorite part of putting the potholders together was turning them right-side-in after they were all  stitched together and seeing what each one looked like with rounded edges and puffy from the batting.  She knew exactly what I meant.

The other great thing about Kim is that she will be our neighbor when we move.  I’ll be able to drop off and pick up my work in minutes.  (that’s a big deal up here were almost everything is at least 1/2 hour away)

So what does this mean for me?  It means I get to do what I love to do most, create.  I can design twice as many potholders in a day.  Then I’ll give them to Kim and she’ll do her part.  I’ll still be doing the hand stitching to close up the bottom of the potholder and doing the top stitching.  So I’ll   be making and implementing  all the creative decisions.  And what does this mean for you?  It means I’ll be able to keep up with your requests for potholders, especially for the Holiday season.   It’s one of those things that benefits everyone.

So today I designed 17 potholders.  After Kim finishes her part, I’ll let you know and if anyone is looking for a potholder, I’ll have some ready for you.

17 potholder tops ready for Kim

13 thoughts on “The Perfect Person

  1. I guess that’s good for more sales, but it seems like mass production instead of personal art. Kind of like a company shipping their products off to China for cheap labour and increased production. Perhaps you’re moving from the realm of art to the realm of retail. I suppose you have to be practical these days though.

    1. Kim is hardly China, Hannah. But artists have historically used assistants. Not that I’m comparing myself to Michelangel, but he is one of the many artists who had apprentices paint the backgrounds of his paintings while he did the main subjects.

  2. This sounds great Maria.Sending positive energy to you and Kim for a happy and prosperous working relationship.

  3. This made me happy for you, to read this. Your wonderful business humming along. How well pieces fit, when they are meant to be.

  4. I like this picture because I like to see how artists set up and use their studios. Would you ever consider letting Jon video when you create the stitched tops to one of your themed pillows? I have looked at the stitch pattern flow and think it would be awesome to see one being created. I know most of your comments are from the gals, but I like to break the male stereotypes and do things I enjoy. I wouldn’t know the first thing about fantasy football, but I did get a new binder foot for my Bernina last week.

    1. I’m so glad to have you on my blog John. There’s a show at the shelburn Museum in VT of quilts made by men going back to the Civil War. And in when I was in school, I collected stories if men who knit and did embroidery. Some were Vietnam Vets who found it cathartic. I’ve thought of making a video of me working, a few people have asked, and i somehow keep forgetting. But I’ll consider it again.

  5. I would live to see a video. And the stories sound great, consider doing a book, Maria. I would love t read about quilters, especially men who quilt.

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