5 thoughts on “Shadow Portraits

  1. YIKES! After the ‘leper colony isolation’ you’ve experienced at the S.F.airport Hilton, you might appreciate a bit of Santa Cruz ‘tranquility retreat’ literally just around the corner from the bookshop Jon will be speaking at tomorrow night. A restaurant called Laili, on Cooper St.—offers wonderful Mediterranean, silk road cuisine—but has a secret garden outdoor courtyard well-worth the respite and romance sharing a cup of incredible tea or glass of wine.
    These shadow portraits speak volumes!!!!!

  2. Oh MARIA – don’t tell Jon – but your pictures are running neck and neck in the amazing beautiful art category! (with his of course) But since his were originally love letters to you – then it is only cosmic that you evolve into the amazing-ness of them also! ….. I am so sad that you are both are in CA and I am unable to get up to SF to meet you!!!!! 🙁 I hope you are having an amazing trip – SF is an amazing city and I so hope you get to experience some of it!!!

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