Lenore and Frieda’s Bandanna Potholders Sold Out

Lenore in her Love and Peace bandanna

When ever the dogs get groomed they each come home wearing a bandanna.  They don’t stay on the dogs long. I throw them in the wash and they become material for my work.  Last time Lenore and Frieda went to be groomed (it was  Frieda’s second time to be groomed.  I led her up the ramp into the bathtub before I left.  She sat in the tub looking pathetic,big brown eyes, ears flat against her head, her shoulders slumped,  not the tough watchdog of her image.  When I picked her up, the groomer, Eileen said she did fine)  and both came home with great potholder material. Lenore was wearing pink hearts and peace signs and Frieda had pink and green butterflies.

Last week I cut up those bandannas and made them into potholders and now they’re for sale.  sold out I have 5 Love and Peace Potholders (Lenore’s bandanna) :

Love and Peace Potholders

And 7 Butterfly Potholders (Frieda’s bandanna) : Sold

Butterfly Potholders

and one with both: Sold

Love, Peace and Butterfly Potholder

My Bandanna Potholders are $15 each  (+ $4 shipping for one and $5 shipping for 2 or more).  I take checks or can email you a paypal invoice.  If you’re interested you can email me here or at [email protected].  And don’t forget to let me know which kind you would like.

Wishing you all Peace, Love and Butterflies….



16 thoughts on “Lenore and Frieda’s Bandanna Potholders Sold Out

  1. Hello Maria! If you have four left, I would love to purchase them! Whichever, your choice, they are all so very special and make me smile just seeing them (and of course, loving my dogs as I do, I love knowing they embraced your dogs’ necks, however briefly!) Just watched the video of Rocky, the vet, and you, keeping vigil as he got his mouth taken care of. Oh, the presence of a loving touch, – I am sure he felt your love! Best of everything to you and Jon and all the Bedlam Creatures as you transition to Bedlam #2! Susan in AZ

  2. Maria, I so love the bandana potholders made with the scarves the dogs got after their baths. I tried to click onto the part of your website to buy them but am having trouble. The potholder with hearts and peace signs is so joyous. The look on Lenore’s face is priceless.
    I look forward to all of the new creations that will come out of the New Bedlam Farm. Jon writes so much about change; I think that this change, this move, will open up even more doors for your creative expression. I supppose that each day will bring something new, exciting and challenging for all you you. I wish you much happiness in meeting these new and exciting challenges.

  3. Hi Maria,

    Our cats used to come home from our former vet’s with bandannas also, and believe me, they were not amused! Never thought of making potholders out of them, though – but then I don’t have your creativity : )

    They’re all gorgeous, but I think that my favorite is the last one that combines both patterns, especially with that luscious deep purple border across the top…I’d be happy to add it to my “Maria Wulf” collection (if it’s not already sold, fingers crossed)…

    Thanks and continued good luck with the move – can’t wait to see what art will come out of “The Schoolhouse”!

    Kathleen : )

  4. I think these are some oof the loveliest potholders you’ve made to date, and that is SAYING A LOT!! How grateful I am that you keep so many posts up on your website at one time, our computer and then our internet service were down for a week; AND IT IS SO WONDERFUL TO READ ALL YOUR POSTS!! I got to catch up on your trip to San Fransico, the unsettling feelings of coming home, Beautiful Frieda who looks so much like my Ellie who passed on exactly a year ago today. Maria, your beauty and honest reflection mean so much to the souls of the rest of us!! Glad you’re home!! Annie

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