My Shark

I love my new iron. It has a heavy, but not too heavy, (a good weight) plate which is stainless steel. It has a sharp tip perfect for ironing the seams flat. It has an auto shutoff. And it flattens out the most wrinkled clothes. It’s a good tool, not expensive ($35) and it feels good in my hand. Did I already say I love my Shark?

7 thoughts on “My Shark

  1. I have a Shark, too, Maria, and love it so much. What a difference it has made in my work. have been through a lot of irons. Hoping this one will endure. Like the price, too!

  2. Maria, I love your Shark too…but I also love the way you display your small treasures on your window sill. I do the same thing, I’m a collector of colorful bottles that I put in my windows. They are so cheerful on a cloudy/dreary winter day…and so beautiful when the sun shines on them. And, I’m envious of your new studio! 🙂

  3. I’d never heard of Shark until I saw the photo and read the comments. I’m in the market for a new iron – I’ll have to look for one! I like how it looks, too.

  4. I have been thinking of replacing my 20+ yr old iron. I do a lot of ironing ( still) despite retailers saying few fabrics need ironing these days. My pillow cases and tea towels must be ironed, because that is how I enjoy them. And my husband’s shirts etc. I haven’t found a new iron that has the heft I require without being too heavy for my old arms, so thank you for the recommendation.

    Best to you and Jon on your move. ( New) Bedlam Farm is really shaping up.

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