17 thoughts on “Frieda at Home in my School House Studio

  1. That sign that Freida is using as a pillow is awesome….What is it? What does it say? Where are you going to hang it? It is beauiful !………Bonnie

  2. It has been too many years since I studied Latin, please translate the sign in the photo. Thanks for sharing your life with us, you are an inspiration! Sue

  3. Oh Maria, I love your new studio, I love wood, and to see what has been done to keep it all there….awesome! And now that sign Jon gave you is gonna look wonderful in there….how warm and cozy !

  4. Maria, I think the sign (roughly) says: Delight and praise God by decorating. Another possibility is: God is delighted, God is praised (when one) decorates. Basically, the same thing. MCS

  5. My latin days were about 15 years ago, but I was curious enough to look it up. I found something in a German book, so bear with me as I try to translate some translated explanation 🙂
    The decorare here isn’t meant as in decorating as such, but more specifically like embellishing or making something more beautiful. It comes from Aristotle’s »Eccliasticae« where he counts up 20 different effects music has.
    »… they are: to please god, to embellish the praise of god, to amplify joyful inner happiness, …« (…ut sunt: Deum delectare, Dei Laudes decorare, Gaudia beatorum amplificare, …)
    Apparently, it’s not just meant about music specifically and alone, but also music as one of the arts. So I suppose you could see it as being about how art is a way of praising god / god’s creation / the world around us.

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