Tea and a Biscuit

I went into the house to get a cup of tea and when I got back to the studio, I found Frieda and this empty bag of dog bones.  She never does this in the house (although she used to before we moved in with Jon, once she ate  whole batch of brownies, didn’t leave a crumb) I guess she knows I’m a softie.

25 thoughts on “Tea and a Biscuit

  1. I love the look on frieda’s face : ” You left the bag where I could reach it, what can I say ? ”

    At least they were dog biscuits.

  2. Tee hee. Jon got a blog sponsor so Frieda figured she could use a biscuit/bone brand too!! Gotta love the expression on that muzzle….

  3. Oops!…and now, caught on camera! How could you NOT be a softie around that face! Photos of Frieda always make me melt.

  4. I love the look on Frieda’s face, it tells the whole story doesn’t it?! I’m always amazed at how much dogs can eat and not get sick (well at least most of the times).

  5. Uh oh Frieda…..You look so remorseful. So full of love. How could anyone be upset with you for this? I think it’ll be just fine. I hope you enjoyed your dog bone binge. 🙂 You’re just a dog being a dog. I love you, Cindy

  6. Hmmmm… Are you sure it was Frieda, Maria? This looks like the work of pixies or sprites or — better yet — a cat. Perhaps one of the local felines snuck into your studio while you were away and set Frieda up to take the fall for the missing bones and the tattered package. Frieda’s deer-in-the-headlights expression makes me want to put words in her mouth: “Hey, Maria! It wasn’t me! REALLY!”

  7. Maria,

    How this made me smile. My first dog, a black lab, ate 144 chocolate chip cookies that were cooling on my counter when my back was turned.


  8. That is such a funny picture, it looks like her eyes are saying, “I dare you to say I’m a bad girl”. Looking forward to reading the story about Freida. Bonnie

  9. boy…i can relate to this scene! despite all my pleading, my kids tend to leave bags of food where our dog Josie can easily get to it when we leave for the day…so we come home to chewed up bags on her dog beds and blankets, just like your photograph!

  10. I just love that Frieda doesn’t seem the least bit concerned that she has been somewhat “caught in the act – or perhaps after the fact.”

    Her face is just so sweet – after her somewhat tumultuous life before you, a “softie” is just what she deserves!

  11. Oh Frieda! Maria, she reminds me of a little child once Mommy leaves the room! Tea and a Biscuit, indeed, make that two dozen! But look at that face- you just have to love her!

  12. I would imagine we can all share stories like this! Thanks for the lovely picture of Freida ~ she is trying to tell you that she has no idea how that empty bag got there I think!! 🙂

  13. She certainly does not look like she is one bit sorry. Our dogs have done the same stuff, and no, they didn’t get into trouble. We are softies too.

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