Heart on Black Linen

Here’s the Heart of Scraps on black linen.  I finished the potholder to see what it would look like.  The linen comes from a long jumper, plenty of fabric. It’s just the black I was imagining, lots of tooth and subtle variations of black. 

I thought this black rose cotton made a good backing.  I have many more orders than the 20 I said I would make yesterday.  I’m not sure how many I can or am willing to make.  (I don’t want to get to the point where I don’t like making them and it becomes a tedious chore, I do believe that would come through in the work). So for now I’m not taking any more orders and when I have more to sell, I’ll let you know.

I moved my scrap bucket  to take a picture of it and, as if she knew,  Frieda got up and sat next to it looking into the camera.  She got a biscuit for that.

10 thoughts on “Heart on Black Linen

  1. I love the black.The brocade backing brings back memories of our formal dresses or suits in brocade back in the day.
    Frieda is a champ. She loves you so much. Biscuits all around!

  2. Beautiful potholders! The black background is stunning.
    And loved the Freida picture, her getting a biscuit made me chuckle!
    Love from Fran

  3. It’s lovely Maria ~ and the rose pattern back is gorgeous fabric!! I’m glad you have come up with the idea and also that you have so many requests! It must be gratifying. Well done Frieda! She earned that biscuit. My sister once said that if I’m going to take pictures of garden flowers I should have my dog in them for interest ~ so I have lots of garden photos with my dog too! Our lovely furry friends often add just the right touch!

  4. HI Maria, these are great, what a wonderful feeling when you come up with a new idea and everyone loves it! Also satisfying to use up the items other people would regard as waste. My quilting friend always laughs at me when I hold onto the tiniest scraps of material. Then I tried making potholders, and she could see my reasoning when I was able to use up most of my small bits of fabric, and not buy anything new to create them. (Thanks for the tip about insulbrite being the best heatproof batting too).

    Do you need any more fabric for those ‘scrappy’ hearts, I have a few small ziplok bags with tiny slivers and mini pieces of various colors and designs from recent quilts that I had been hanging onto and wasn’t sure why….. happy to mail them to you if you can use them….
    Hannah, Wales, NY

  5. Love thisone, too…and Freida’s expression in that photograph. I’ll be keeping a close watch, Maria, to see when you will be ready to create more so that I can place an order.

  6. Dear Maria, This is such an amazing potholder that I cannot think of anything to say!! But Jon said all that this piece of art fills my mind and heart with, he said it so beautifully, about you and the heart of scraps potholder. Annie

  7. Dear Maria,

    These heart potholders are loving works of art. They are so inspired and executed beautifully. I am sure they are quite labor intense but certainly deserve to be cherished by those purchasing them. I see a entire quilt made out of “potholder heart” squares. Fabulous!

    Happy New Year to you and Jon.

  8. I love the juxtoposition of the classic black rose pattern on back against the colorful folk art scrap leavings heart. Unexpected but just the right pairing. Beautiful.

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