My Heart of Scraps

One of the many nice things about working at the Cambridge Co-op is getting to look at Donna Wynbrandt’s mural  on the bathroom wall.

After posting the photo of my Heart of Scraps potholder, I went to work my first afternoon at the Cambridge Co-0p.  On the drive there I saw the heart ,in my mind, on a black background.  The idea excited me so much I wanted to turn around and go back to the studio to make another potholder.  But I didn’t really have to make it to know what it would look like.  I could see it very clearly and knew it would work beautifully.

I spent the next four hours at the register ringing out customers and restocking shelves.  Not creative work, but work I enjoy, especially once a month.

When I got home and checked my email and comments,  I was overwhelmed by the response to my heart potholder.  When I posted it, I wasn’t even sure if it was good.  But it obviously touched something in many of you.  And your comments made me realized the true significance of making a heart of scraps.  I hadn’t even seen the meaning until Jon mentioned it and then  many of you reinforced the importance of the idea.

So what I’ve decided to do is make enough Heart of Scraps Potholders  to fill the orders and requests that I received today.  I think about 20.  They will have different backgrounds,  some black, some checkered (I’m also thinking of a blue/grey wool I have) and some using colors I haven’t thought of yet.  If I have extra, I’ll offer them for sale.  They are $20 each + shipping.

So thank you.  It’s a wonderful thing to come home to.

11 thoughts on “My Heart of Scraps

  1. Maria, I love the new idea for the potholders. Isn’t it great to be inspired by your own imagination!

  2. Can’t remember if I asked about one or not, but I would love one. Especially on the solid black background ~ how beautiful!

  3. I’m not sure whether you meant you are taking orders today, the 8th, but if so, I’d LOVE one of these. They are totally wonderful!

  4. Maria, I absolutely adore the heart potholder. I would be honored to have one. I loved what Mr. Katz had to say about hearts. Having been through the ringer myself and recently reuniting with an old friend into what has become an amazing amazing journey of love. It is a pieced together thing the love I have now and although not necessarily from trash. Some of it is recycled love in that I have know this gentle man for 25+ years and I have always loved him but there is something so new like what you are doing reusing the scraps….a brand newness that I never thought possible before…..
    I am sure you have gotten many more then 20 orders today but I can only hope I am the 20th let me know Love Barbara Weilbacher

  5. I saw te photo of your heart potholder made of fabric scraps on Jons blog I LOVE it! It is like the human heart after so many ups and downs…patched together the surviving parts to make a beautiful new work of art. I have it in my goals for this year to make it to one of your shows! Peace!
    Deb a CNY fan

  6. Maria, count me in. I’d love one of these unique potholders. They show love, creativity and the special touch that only you have. I love the one that is one the checkered background, or something like that. I hope you still have some.

  7. Thank you thank you thank you I so cherish the potholder collection I am lucky enough to have and enjoy…..peace Barbara

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