A Kapok Tree

Kapok Tree
Kapok Tree

Just in case, like me, you were wondering what a Kapok tree looks like, here’s a photo of one.  And even better, I found this video of the Kapok tree.  It even show the seeds I stuff my pillows with.

5 thoughts on “A Kapok Tree

  1. Hi Maria: I just remembered that when I was teaching I had this great book: The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry (in fact, I think she signed my book–maybe she came to our school to do a reading?)
    I love this author and all of her other books, and I didn’t compute that this is what you’re stuffing your pillows with! ~Robin

  2. Your post reminded me of Lynne Cherry’s magnificent book: The Great Kapok Tree, as well. The art in that book was glorious, wonderful use of lush colors….I see that in your art as well, Maria.

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