Stretching My Mind

White vintage hankies
White vintage hankies

When I first came up with the idea to make scarves from Vintage Hankies, I was looking for color.  When I used up all the colorful hankies, I was left with a ton of white hankies.  Individually, they are subtley beautiful.  But I wasn’t sure how to use them.  Then Sherry asked if I could make her a white scarf.  For some reason it never occurred to me to make a white scarf.  This is how my mind gets stuck and closed.  And Sherry asking me and my not shutting down the idea, is one way my mind stays open.

One hankie on top of another
One hankie on top of another

This is another way.  I was going through my stack of hankies and saw this white hankie on top of the bright orange hankie. It was just too beautiful and (now that I see it) an obvious way to show the intricate hand work of the hankie.   I’m not sure where this is going, but it’s laying on my floor, tempting me to stretch my mind a bit more.

10 thoughts on “Stretching My Mind

  1. Maria, the white hankies are beautiful. Am I still on the list to get one? I would love a white one if so. It looks really springy-summery. Very beautiful. And I love the white on the orange. You really can see all the detail of the white hankie. You are just amazing. And I am so glad you went with your insticts and got Jon to a doctor. He seems to be on the mend now. That’s so scary. I had a tick stuck on me last week. And on my grand daughter too. I make a plantain salve that works wonders for itches and bites. I’ll have to send you some.

    1. Kris, you’re not going to believe this, but I have 2 scarves sitting in my office and one is for you. I just didn’t get to email you about it yet. So I will, I’ll send a photo too.

  2. Lovely. I thought of you when I saw all the Irish linen hankies. Too dear for me to buy enough for a scarf, but they were certainly beautiful.

  3. Maria: I saved your instructions about how to make hankie scarves and I’m going to scour flea markets to see if I can find any. I can only imagine how soft these are around one’s neck! I think a one color hankie would be lovely! I’m also thinking that white ones could be softly dyed with something like onion skins, etc…I think the sky’s the limit. Robin

    1. oh Robin, nice idea about dying the white ones. Another thing I never thought of. Have fun finding hankies and making your scarves. And don’t forget to send us some photos!

  4. Maria, You need to make sure that the red scarf is colorfast. If it bleeds at all, it will discolor the top one. As a fellow quilter, I’ve learned this first hand. The easier way it to put the colored one in a glass bowl, fill with water and wait an hour or so. If the water is clear, you are good to go. If not….time to rethink your project. Good luck!

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