Lenore’s Garden Bed

Lenore in my shade garden
Lenore in my shade garden

A couple of weeks ago I transplanted a bunch of Hostas and Lilies of the Valley into a small shade garden by the back door of our house.  The next day, I noticed in one spot the ferns and Lily of Valley were flattened as if someone had laid or walked on them.  I suspected Lenore, but Jon insisted it was Frieda.  (She’d the kind of dog that gets blamed for everything and with good reason).   A few days later there was a hole in the ground in the same spot.  Someone was digging.  All this time I wasn’t able to catch any of the dogs in the act, but just now I walked out the back door and there was Lenore, innocently looking up at me though the Hosta leaves.  Innocent, because she has no sense that she’s doing something wrong.  She’s just resting in the cool damp soil.  I thought of putting big rocks where she was laying, (we have plenty of rocks in Washington County) but then she would just flatten out another part of the garden.  So I think I’ll move what’s left of the plants that are there and let Lenore have her garden bed.

11 thoughts on “Lenore’s Garden Bed

  1. That’s a sweet story. My border collie just did the same thing is some of my hastas. She was very considerate about it. It’s right where a new fence is going in and those were the ones I had to move anyway. I wonder if there’s something luxurious about laying in hastas?

  2. Love this photo, Maria! We too have a Lab that takes over part of our Hosta garden. He so enjoys the coolness that we just let him be and enjoy the flatter Hosta!

  3. I agree, if you put rocks everywhere you saw flattened plants you’d soon have nothing but a “rock” garden! Poor Frieda, everybody’s scapegoat!

  4. We now have Flat Hosta and squished bearded Iris’! Can’t be angry..the dogs only know that it’s a cool spot to relax and the plants will rebound for next year!

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