Some Special Hankies

5 hankies

What a delight it was to find these five hankies pinned together as I was going through a new supply of hankies.  Kim McMillan found the first stack for me.  She was at a garage sale at the old Moses Farm (Grandma Moses’ family) and picked up a bunch of hankies and a few other linens.

Sally and her friend Nancy found a stash near them in Ohio.  Sally told me they were a dollar each and I asked her to get me 50.  They wound up getting a deal, 55 hankies for $40.

And they continue to come in from all over.  Jon even got me some wedding hankies (given out at weddings as gifts) and some Fall leaf hankies.  Maybe I’ll use them in the scarf I make for myself.

Here’s some more special hankies that I came across today:

girl in dress



12 thoughts on “Some Special Hankies

  1. Love the one with the lady on the corner.

    Can you use any material? I have some (not a huge amount) that I came across in my mom’s old sewing cabinet. I can take a picture of them if you’d like to see them first.

  2. Maria, I’ve been gathering up hankies everywhere I go. Could you remind me with what and how you wash them initially? Some of mine have crocheted or tatted edging and some of mine have delightful images. I think you carefully dry them on a rack and then iron them, but I can’t recall the soap you use and if you soak them and then swish them by hand or what? Thanks, Robin

    1. I soak them Robin and just use regular laundry detergent. I wouldn’t put them on a wooden drying rack thought (if that’s what you have) because I’ve found the wood stains the white. Have fun!

  3. Oh my goodness ~ the chicken one is great!! You should definitely have that one in a scarf for yourself! I love the colored ones at the top too ~ never have seen any like that.

  4. Love seeing these hankies. some I recognize and realize I have. What a wonderful use of hankies to make them into scarves. You are so creative Maria!

  5. Aren’t old hankies beautiful? I just love how delicate they are and how I wish that we used them as much as our grandmothers did. Makes Kleenex look distasteful.

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