Winner of the Common Thread Give-A-Way…..

Simon and Lulu
Simon and Lulu

Congratulation Jane Mintz!!  You’re the winner of Jon’s Photo of Simon and Lulu.

Everyone who didn’t win, don’t forget to come back next month, Monday September 2nd,  when it’s once again my turn to give one of my pieces away, in the Common Thread Give-A-Way.

7 thoughts on “Winner of the Common Thread Give-A-Way…..

  1. I have a great grandmother named Lulu. She died in her sleep at home at an advaced age and still had her husband with her. That and a picture of her sitting on the front porch of her Dayton home with their pit bull beside her,that looks like Petey(on our gang).She’s dressed in a white dress and her arm is around the dog.
    Dog as protector.Dog as friend and family member.
    Perhaps great grandpa Oscar took the photo? Their house is large and the photo is on the steps of an ample porch.

  2. I can’t believe it; I won! How exciting. What a wonderful way to start my day to know that Simon and Lulu will be “coming” to my house. I will be able to share them with my dogs, Kerry, Henry and Riley. \ I’ll tell them about the wonderful donkeys that inhabit the peaceable kingdom that is Bedlam Farm.
    T think the Common Thread Give-A-Way is a super way for the aficionados of both you and Jon to partake of the work of so many artists. I’ll write more later as I’m off to the vet this morning. Have a wonderful day

  3. How sweet to look on here and see congrats from people I don’t even know. Thank you so much. Warm words from strangers make this world a better place. Have a wonderful day everyone.

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