Sheep Herding with Donkeys, Out My Window

jon out my window

I saw Jon and Red pass by my window and knew they’d be doing some herding.  But the next time I looked, Jon was snuggling with the donkeys.  That’s Simon getting scratches while Fanny and Lulu wait for their turn.  Red must be off to the right, you can see Zelda looking at him.


5 thoughts on “Sheep Herding with Donkeys, Out My Window

  1. I really like this picture for the way it makes me feel.The tree and grass and animls and Jon,as you see them from the inside. reminds me of my grandmothers place,and she’s the one that had a horse next door,but dogs and cats to pet and fall in love with as well as a garden.

  2. Something about that moon made me melancholy as well…unfortunately I did not have a donkey to give me a comforting hug. Maybe this is why they call it a blue moon?!

  3. Hi Maria, that is a truly magical piece, simply beautiful. Now I need a hug from my dog since I don’t have a donkey! 🙂

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