Pink Knight, A Stitch At A Time

My Pink Knight Quilt
My Pink Knight Quilt

I’m working on my Pink Knight Quilt. I got the backing on today and started tacking it.   When ever I begin tacking a quilt it seems like a daunting task.  As if it will take forever and I’ll never get it all done.  Thread the needle with yarn, pull it through the back push it through the front, tie and cut… again and again and again.  One stitch at a time.

It took me making many quilts, but I’m finally beginning to know that it will get done and that it actually never takes a long as I think it will.  It’s good work for a day like today, when it’s the end of the week and my brain is tired.


5 thoughts on “Pink Knight, A Stitch At A Time

  1. This quilt looks so gorgeous hanging. I’m always amazed at how differently they appear from different perspectives, especially hanging vs. lying down. Annie

    1. They do look so different depending on where they are Annie. And then when you look at them from another side, it a whole different story.

  2. Maria, Do you use a curved needle for tacking? I did my first quilt, a rescue, last year. I discovered the curved needle, which allowed me to easily tack and tie. I got a pretty good rhythm going. Of course, mine was a lap quilt!

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