Win a Couple of Potholders in the Common Thread Give-A-Way

common potholders

Would you like to win a couple of my potholder?  You can, in this month’s Common Thread Give-a-way.   These are two of the potholders I made for the Bedlam Farm Open house.  After the show I had these two and another like it that didn’t sell.  So now, if you enter the contest by leaving a message on my comments (not on my email please,  it gets too confusing when it comes time to randomly choose a winner) you have a chance to have them for free.

I’ll announce the winner on Thursday.  So leave a comment and come back on Thursday to see if you’re the winner.  Good Luck!


90 thoughts on “Win a Couple of Potholders in the Common Thread Give-A-Way

  1. I love the fabric you used in these potholders! The tiny pink flowers on black remind me of a dress from my youth. Thank you for the opportunity to win these.

  2. Maria, I hope this is the correct way to do this….”computerese” is still a mystery to me in many instances! I would really treasure one of your potholders (for myself), since I must donate the cat and tea one that is waiting in your “to do” to PAWS. I do enjoy seeing the pictures of all those who can make the trip to Bedlam Farm and am quite honestly a bit envious of them. Maybe I can find someone to accompany me in the future. Thanks for all you do to inspire those who dare to follow a dream.

  3. I would love to win these potholders! It’s a joy to begin each morning by reading your blog (and Jon’s), which I’ve been doing since he began his. Your farm and animals and lives are so inspirational. Bless you both.

  4. I have been enjoying your website as well as Jons, for a while now. I have absolutely no
    çreative talent whatsoever, but I truly appreciate those who do. I envy , in the best possible way, those who do.

  5. Hey Maria, just read all the postings re the Open House yesterday. I am jealous of all who were able to be there. I am planning to come to the later one next year. Thank you for the opportunity to win your potholders.

  6. maria – i do so love your creations – i enjoy the potholders i have for myself and have enjoyed giving some as gifts – thanks for the giveaway

  7. Maria I wasnt able to attend your open house as I live far away in Colorado but I thought about Bedlam Farm and you and Jon all day. I would love to win some of your beautiful potholders. Ive been following your blogs from the beginning and recieve much joy from them. You are both so respected in how youve worked hard to live life on your own terms. Congratulations on another successful open house!

  8. Maria, I would love to become the owner of your lovely potholders this month. So happy your open house was a great success and so many people were able to meet you.

  9. These colorful potholders are perfect to use on rainy day baking projects. Enjoy following your creative process for putting together wonderful works of art.

  10. I would love the opportunity to win the potholders for I am certain that they have retained lots of joyful vibration from all the energy of the open house on Sunday. The colors, themselves, are a muse for creativity.

  11. Sure, put my name in the hat too. One can never have too many pot holders ….. although it might be difficult to actually use these as they are so colorful. Thanks for doing a giveaway!

  12. Hello Maria,
    I have been reading Jon’s blog for awhile. I love how he appreciates you and is not afraid to publicly tell the world!

  13. Maria – was not able to make your open house, but would love to win your pot holders. I just love your sister’s Fran mini gardens. They make me smile, they are the cutest….
    Thanks for sharing.
    Lisa C

  14. So bright and beautiful! It was so great to see another successful open house. I’d sure love to come to one! Maybe next year. I’d really love to meet all the animals and you and Jon. Such a great and fun thing you are doing.


  15. My mom is coming home from rehab in Glens falls on the 18th and they would like nice in her kitchen to welcome her home…they are bright and cheerful just like you!!!!

  16. Sure wish I lived closer and could have attended the Open House. Looks like you got “cleaned out” or at least most of the items sold. That is so great. Thank you for the opportunity to win your pot holders. They are just beautiful and very artistic. You are very talented.

  17. Thanks for giving us out here in cyber land the opportunity to have your potholders. Handmade things are always like treasures.

  18. My daughter needs a little “pick me up” and I would love to win these for her! Thank you, Maria, for the opportunity to enter the give-a-way!

  19. Too late to win them, as the winner has probably been selected and posted. I start almost every day reading both yours and Jon’s blog, but have been really swamped at the office helping to organize a race for suicide prevention, and I missed the deadline. Just wanted to say thanks for always brightening my day with your beautiful work and your beautiful animals and your upbeat sentiments. I look forward to seeing your work and have put a trip to the farm during one of the open houses on my bucket list!

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