Susie’s Potholder

I am
I an not my body potholder

By the time I got Susie’s email that she would like to buy my pillow “I am not my Body”  it was already sold.  We first made a connection when Susie bought some of my work then send me a card by Marylou Falstreau that read “One day she decided to forgive herself”.  So when Susie told me she was moving I decided to make her an “I am not my body” potholder as a house warming gift.   Here it is, in Susie’s new bathroom (with that beautiful red glass sink),  a good reminder to have in the bathroom, even if it is a potholder.

2 thoughts on “Susie’s Potholder

  1. I love the potholder! And I love Susie’s bathroom! I had no idea a translucent, red bowl shape sink was even available. It all fits together so beautifully. Annie

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