Donkeys and Scarves

Linda and "Full Moon Donkey"
Linda and “Full Moon Donkey”

Remember my Quilt for a Good Man, well Linda is the woman married to Mark aka A Good Man.  Both of them showed up at the Open House and Linda bought my wall hanging “Full Moon Donkey.”   Now it hangs in Linda and Marks home, near Aunt Lois’ abstract trapunto wallhanging that she made over 70 years ago.  (She got some flack for it, no one in her family “got” the abstract thing.)   It’s in good company.

Susan and her purple scarf
Susan in her Vintage Hankie Scarf

Susan and her husband also showed up at the Open House.  Here she is looking lovely in her Vintage Hankie Scarf and killer smile.   I love the way she draped the scarf around her neck. I think I might have to steal her idea.

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