100 Potholders by Plaid Friday

My first batch of potholders for Plaid Friday.
My first batch of potholders (almost finished)  for Plaid Friday.

It starts to get cold at night and I start to think about the holidays.   Specifically Plain Friday.  You know what that is right?  The independent small business answer to Black Friday.  The day after Thanksgiving (although last year it started on Thanksgiving in many stores).

So I’m thinking 100 potholders.  50 Patchwork and 50 Message Potholders.  What are Message Potholders?  They are all the potholders I make that have a stitched drawing on them.  I’m calling them Message Potholders, because that what they do (besides preventing you from burning your hand when you take something hot out of the oven) they have a message.  Whether it’s an affirmation about life, an Everyday Goddess or an Independent Hen.  That potholder has something to say.

So this is my plan.  Between today and November 28th I’m going to make  100 Potholers to sell  on Plaid Friday, November 29th.  (With Kim’s help of course. Bless you Kim, even thought I haven’t told you about my plan yet).  Maybe I’ll throw some Vintage Hankies scarves in there to mix it up a bit too.  So ,in a way, it will  be like a big on-line show

I think it’s a fun way to deal with the Holidays and I’m excited to see if I can actually get as many potholders made as I want to, (along with doing the rest of my work).   So if you’re looking to do some on-line Holiday shopping, come back on Plaid Friday and see what’s for sale.

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  1. Fantastic idea Maria! I can’t wait to see what you have to offer. I love all of the potholders I’ve got from you and have given a couple as birthday gifts. They are perfect Christmas gifts too ~ with all their cheerful bright reds and other colors.

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