Waiting for Minnie

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Minnie’s having her surgery today.  By this afternoon she’ll be a three legged cat.  We visited her this morning at the Vets office and she was as loving and chatty as ever.  Dr. Fariello’s daughter brought her a toy mouse when she and Minnie became friends over the weekend.

I don’t know that Flo misses Minnie, but I think she must be aware of her absence.  I realized after making Waiting for Minnie to Come home, that potholders have become a major form of self expression for me. What a strange thing to be writing.  I knew this morning that I wouldn’t be about to make anything until I learned how to draw the back of a cat and was able to stitch this drawing.  Like I said, I don’t know that Flo misses  Minnie, but I know I do.

16 thoughts on “Waiting for Minnie

  1. I have been thinking about her all morning. I told Jon that we had a greyhound whose leg was amped due to bone cancer. She came home walking on her three legs. Her was a front leg amp. She never missed a beat. And we all got so used to our tripod we forgot she was a tripod!! I know for minnie it might be harder for her to run from trouble but cats are so darn smart I think she will do just great! I love the potholder – very sweet.

  2. She will do well, Maria. It’s hard. We have two 13 yr. old barn cats. One of them was injured somehow last winter. After that, both stayed in our shop at night until spring Will be waiting to hear about Minnie.

    Started my convertible mittens from your yarn. Looking good. From the Phony Farm in Middle TN.

  3. I feel your pain, Maria, having to make this decision. However, I know you made the best possible decision and hopefully Minnie will recover quickly and learn to get around on 3 legs. I hope you will consider letting her be a house cat, if she is willing. Prayers and good thoughts go with you.
    Namaste and peace,
    ~Trella in Seattle

  4. Been thinking of you all this weekend and today. I’m not on FB because I’m at work in MA for 2 days, so I’ll check yours and Jon’s blogs for updates when I can. Best to all of you!! Minnie is a lucky cat to have both you and Jon taking care of her.

  5. This drawing is beautiful Maria!
    Continued best wishes for Minnie’s recovery.
    Love from Fran,
    Jericho, Vermont

  6. That’s one of your best cats so far. You’ve captured so much poignancy in a few simple lines. I miss Minnie, too!

  7. I love this potholder! Waiting for someone we love, or some precious animal we love, is very hard. Annie

  8. I hope Minnie is out of surgery and doing well. I know you miss her. But she will be coming home, back into your life. I miss Meg, my oldest Aussie, whom I had to put to sleep on Friday. I miss her terribly. Even tho I have 2 other dogs, the house seems empty without Meg. And she will not be coming home. Please keep us posted on Minnie’s progress. I know that was a difficult decision.

  9. We have bought a copy of “Second Chance Dog” from Battenkill Books–normally I’d have bought it as an Ebook but this is my contribution to help with Minnie. as you don’t ask for donations. We are wishing for a complete recovery for her; what a spunky little cat she is.

  10. Such a beautiful kitty! She will do just fine. I had a special kitty who lived to 19-her last 6 yrs with 3 legs! Understand your feelings-Minnie’s more than just a cat! Hope Flo adjusts as well

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