The Boss

Elizabeth and Kim at the Cambridge Co-op
Elizabeth and Kim at the Cambridge Co-op

Just before going to the Co-op to work my monthly shift, I got an email from  Elaine Houston from Today’s Woman and we set a date for November 17th.  The camera crew will be coming to my studio to interview me.   I’m still excited by no longer nervous ,although I’m sure I will be again before the interview, but also  know I’ll be fine once I get talking, because I do love to talk about my work.

This afternoon I did a different kind of work at the Co-op.  I took an inventory of the spices and tea. (all those good smells, except the chili powder which made me sneeze) and packed out overstock in the back room.  Kim is my boss on these Co-0p days.  I like to approach her saying “Ok boss, what do you have for me to do now?” She’s always there with a compliment on what a fine job I did pricing olive oil and organic oats.  Then we traded shopping bags filled with potholders.  I got back 14 finished potholders and gave her 10 more to assemble.  Now I was the boss, writing the check.

I enjoying work at the Co-0p and I get to see and work with people I know.  Today Elizabeth, the towns funeral director, was there.  She’s in Jon’s blogging class and wanted me to let Jon know she couldn’t make it to the last class because she has a memorial service to attend.   At the end of the day there was a small celebration for the new Co-op manager (who happens to be Kim’s son).  All part of what I love about  small town living.

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