Snowflake Eyes and flower Feet


Christina had her eye on a pillow I made for the Open House in September.  When it sold I told her I’d make her a wall hanging  similar to it for her.  That one said ” I have a pony in my heart”.  This one has a few more.  The girl, a crescent moon cradled in the ponies.  The words are:

Snowflake Eyes and flower Feet
Ponies fill My Heart Space
Light My Path With the Gems of my being
Love Lands Me on My feet

4 thoughts on “Snowflake Eyes and flower Feet

  1. I am completely blown away by this Maria. I have been smiling all weekend long thinking about this beautiful piece of art you have created for me! I will hang it over our fire some point I will ask you to do another with my other animals..
    Thank you for making such a unique piece of art!
    Best Regards

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