My Felted Slippers

My felted slippers made by Lynne at White Birch Fiber Studio
My felted slippers made by Lynne at White Birch Fiber Studio

I threw my old slippers out.  Yes, they’ve been with me from the beginning, they traveled with me from my Studio Barn on Old Bedlam Farm to my School House Studio on New Bedlam Farm. (the floors in both studios are not insulated and get oh so cold in the winter)  But they were worn out and I had stitched those holes one time too many.  But honestly, I’d still have those slippers if not for Lynne.  She saw that I coveted a pair of the felted slippers that she made for herself on her website White Birch Fiber Studios, and she made me a pair.

And they are everything I thought they would be. Warm, comfortable, easy to feel the foot pedal through on my sewing machine, and really pretty!!  I would have bought a pair from her in a minute, but she doesn’t sell them.  However, she does sell some of her other work and writes a daily blog about spinning, knitting, crocheting, and felting.  And her Angora bunnies make it onto her writing as well as her dog and cat (who you can imagine get into some trouble with all that yarn around).

Lynne’s been making a lot of socks lately, she started making a pair from Suzy’s wool.  But now she’s caught up in Holiday commissions.  Might have to wait for January to see the other sock.



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