Elephant Potholders for Plaid Friday

Elephant Potholders
Elephant Potholders

I have about 70 potholders made for Plaid Friday (aka Black Friday, aka the day after Thanksgiving, aka November 29th).   I knew today I’d be making more, time is running out if I want to reach my goal of 100 potholders.  Next week is the last week for Kim to sew them together so I have to get the rest to her by then.

Luckily, today I was inspired.  Those elephants, which were given to me months ago and have been hanging over my cabinet door (where I hang my  fabric that I know I’ll be using for something special) finally spoke to me.  I’ve tried before to get the right colors to make those elephant potholders, but it didn’t happen till this morning.  And once I got the right fabric, I couldn’t stop.  Fifteen, I designed 15 potholders today.  I think that’s a record. All the colors worked, but it was the red that made them sing.

So if you’re a lucky elephant fan, come back on Friday November 29th when they’ll all be for sale right here.  I’ll have 85 other potholder to choose from too, so if elephants aren’t your thing, maybe something else will grab your attention.

10 thoughts on “Elephant Potholders for Plaid Friday

  1. Where do I line up to make my purchase? Elephants are so extraordinary and I love how you made everything come together and sing. Just perfect. The whole concept of Plaid Friday is sheer genius.

  2. Oooh, I am so excited about these elephants! Somehow, without my realizing it, I seem to have a small herd of elephants in my kitchen. I didn’t do it on purpose, they just seem to have arrived in various configurations. So a potholder would be the perfect addition. I am looking forward to Plaid Friday with excitement!

  3. These remind me of one of my favorite product packages. (I suppose that sounds weird). My local Costco carries large supplies of rice that really are a pretty decent deal-and I sometimes buy them. One that they carry is my all time favorite even though I’ve never bought it as I don’t think I can get through a whole bag of it. Nonetheless, I smile every time I see the stacks of Super Lucky Elephant rice. So, super lucky elephant potholders? 🙂

  4. Hi Maria,
    If there are any elephant potholders left after Plaid Friday, I would like to buy one! They are totally beautiful – talk about making a person happy just looking at them – with their bright, beautiful colors. Seems like Minnie is doing so much better. I’m happy about this.

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