A New Ewe For Bedlam Farm

donkeys and sheepThis morning, it’s the regular crew out my window.  That’s Socks to the right of Zelda.  She had a nail in her hoof last Friday, but I plucked it out and we put some antibiotic ointment on it and now she’s fine.

By this after noon we’ll have two more sheep in the pasture.  Daryl, our Farmer friend from Vermont is bring his Ram Ted and a new Ewe for Bedlam Farm.  And it seems that the Ewe is already pregnant, so we can expect a lamb in the next month or so. Okay, I’m excited!

2 thoughts on “A New Ewe For Bedlam Farm

  1. I saw Jon’s post this morning and got excited. I can only imagine how you must be feeling! I love the before shot, can’t wait for the after. A new Bedlam animal group, what good fun

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