Let the magic do its work

"Crow tell me what my heart already knows" all done.  The reds are hotter in is photo than they actually are.
“Crow tell me what my heart already knows” all done. The reds are hotter in is photo than they actually are.

Yesterday, when I started making this piece, I was trying to choose the fabric for the backing and the girl.  I found myself thinking to literally.   Thinking…she should be floating in a blue sky, her hair should be black.  That’s when I told myself to step back and let the magic do its work. That’s how I thought about it, as magic.  Once I got my expectations out of the way, the fabrics came together  easily.  It’s almost like handing it over for someone else to pick out the patterns and colors, and I’m just making the final decisions.

When I was putting it together there were certain parts of it that surprised me.  Like that piece of trim coming down from the crow on the right.  That came from a box of notions that Uta sent me.  It was the only thing like it in the box and when I saw it I reached for it.  It was somehow perfect but I was actually grasping when I tried it.  I didn’t really think it would work.   Then it somehow evened things out when I put it under the turtles too.

The beaded piece above the turtles, is a belt that I’ve had for probably 5 or 6 years.  I’ve had it hanging by my computer not expecting to actually use it.  Usually I wouldn’t keep something for so long,  if I haven’t used it in so many years, I figure I’ll never be able to use it.  But I kept it because I loved looking at it.  So it too surprised me when I plucked it off my wall and draped it above the turtles.  But there was no question for me that it had finally found it’s place.

The beads on the girls spine, I’ve also had for years, not as long as the belt, but I kinda gave up on using them too.  Jon got me them and a bunch of other beads a couple of years ago in Vermont.  I have them all together  in a small glass jar and they glisten in the sun on my windowsill.  I didn’t know I had just the right sized bead  to sew on the girls spine in that jar, but there they were, along with many other beads which were much bigger. And when I sewed them on, they looked just like the jewels I saw on my own spine. Especially the red.


I think this piece is sold, but if it isn’t, you’ll see it here tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “Let the magic do its work

  1. Maria, I can’t help but think of the symbolism of jewels on your spine. I am no expert but doesn’t it seem like it is noticing how you are standing in your truth with your spine made of jewels, standing strong and tall? I just love it and wish I had such dreams!

  2. Dear Maria,

    I am always enamored by your work…I have a personal interest in this piece – I have always viewed crows as bad news – this enlightened me! Please, if it is not sold I would treasure this piece forever! I think I would frame it and hang in my office where I do most of my creative work!


  3. I especially love the symbolism in this piece, Maria. The “feathery” skirt is really neat. I look at this and think, “fly free”.

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