Some More Drawings…

My Moon
My Moons

I was sitting on the couch waiting for my painkillers to kick in, grateful that the dentist knew immediately that I have an abscess and will need a Root Canal.  Grateful because I was imagining going to the dentist and Dr. Coco (yes, that’s my dentist’s name) telling me he didn’t know what was wrong and couldn’t do anything about it. So I’m sitting on the couch and I see this girl holding the side of her face (no great feat of imagination there) and from the fingers of her other hand the phases of the moon are making their way out the window (although, it seems they circumvented the window in my drawing). So that’s how My Moons started.   It ended with the flowered wallpaper in the bathroom eking its way to the moons and everything else came in between.

My Moon Detail
“My Moon” Detail

What can I say about my drawing Familiars.  I was feeling witchy when I made it. I did realize after I was done that the girls dress looked like something I had when I was a kid.  Mine was navy blue and orange (or red) with an attached belt, stretchy material, probably polyester. Might even have been a bathing suit.  I can only imagine there was something magical about it to have popped up in this drawing.

Both My Moons and Familiars are for sale. Sold.   They are pencil on 9×12 archival paper and are $25 + $5 shipping each.  If you’re interested in either of them, just email me here or at [email protected].  I take checks and paypal.

"Familiar's" detail
“Familiar’s” detail

8 thoughts on “Some More Drawings…

  1. Hi Maria,
    So sorry to hear about your tooth, Ouch! I like both sketches and would like to buy booth of them. Each one has symbolism that resinates with me. Please send me the details in an email. When I was a kid and had a tooth ache my mother soaked cotton in whishkey and made me place it on the tooth and bite down. I must say it did make the pain go away. Hope you feel better! Tess

  2. Hope you feel better soon, Maria! An abscessed tooth is NO fun at all — my husband just went through the very same thing this past weekend. The abscess and subsequent failed root canal (his tooth broke off during that process) was some of the worst pain my poor hubby has ever endured. It all ended well and he is now doing a round of antibiotics and mending well. LOVE the way you transform the happenings in your life into such wonderful art!

  3. Oh Maria–all my sympathy is flowing in your direction–I have an abscess too and have started the antibiotic route while dental surgeon, primary physician and heart doctor are dancing around deciding when I should stop taking blood thinners so that the tooth can be removed soon afterwards. It’s a back molar and I will be happy, HAPPY, to live without it! So take good care of yourself and I know from a previous occasion, 7 years ago, how happy you will be when it is all over and done with.

  4. Maria, I have been waiting a long time to see you spend more time with your drawings. I a so happy that you have put them out there for all to see and purchase. Adding bits of color make them even more wonderful. The chair with feet is a “kick!” I’ve had a number of root canals, anticipating acute pain each time, but you know what? I had no pain at all which is a tribute to my dentist. Sometimes I think that the anticipation is worse than the reality. I have no doubt that you will sail through this, as you have many things that you’ve shared with us, with flying colors…..appropriate for an artist, don’t you think?
    I love Jon’s talk about Simon this morning. The intuitive relationship between humans and animals is so clear when you see the connection that the two of you have with your animals. I’m glad that Simon is feeling better after you were able to remove the ice. I can’t imagine how uncomfortable he must have been. You and Jon continue to teach me on a daily basis how to connect with my three distinctly different dogs. I thank you both for that.
    Feel better and have a nice day.

    1. I’m really enjoying doing the drawings Jane. And I love that people want to have them. Although I would continue doing them no matter what it certainly inspires me.

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