Swoosh Out My Window

snow out my window.Swoosh!!!  a new sound filled my studio.  I filled the bird feeder twice today.   It’s been snowing heavily all day and more and more birds are coming all the time.  And the Swoosh,  is the sound of the birds all taking off at once.  I expect to hear it from geese, the swoosh of their wings as they fly over.  They are big, their wings are big, but all those little birds out my window, with their little wings.   When they take off all together and make that Swoosh, it’s impossible to ignore.  I miss seeing the donkeys and sheep out my window.  In the winter they don’t come to the north pasture, so I don’t get to see them when I work.  But now I have something else, something that only happens in the winter.  The swoosh of the birds out my window.

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