Zombie Hen Fever

Zombie Hen Potholder
Zombie Hen Potholder

I’m in the grip of Zombie Hen Fever.  There’s no going back now.  Potholders coming……..

7 thoughts on “Zombie Hen Fever

  1. Do I detect, perhaps not cabin fever, Maria, but a certain frustration with the lengthy and challenging winter that we’ve experienced here in the Northern Hemisphere?! Like it looks like that hen could be saying…flutterbucket or @)$&(#(*^$#^, even your the shapes on the tail are sharp and pointed…fun what others see in our work.

    I’ve just finished a wall quilt that a friend said looked like colourful chaos. Oddly enough, the subject matter was about chaos although in telling the story, there is hope in adversity but she was right, I’m must have been reflecting the chaos that was in my life at the time of this depiction. We can’t fool the pencil !!

    I will never design by computer. I like to feel the flow of the shapes from my hand to my pencil to paper.

    SandyP in Canada

  2. Unbelievable! Haha! These sold out so quickly. Surely this means that Full Moon Fiber Art fans are somewhat sick and twisted (?) Poor Zombie Pig (my handsome muse). He is doomed to not meet his zombie chicken brethren. These are so funny! I love their gnarled “fingers”/wings and tail feathers! Congratulations!

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