Jon’s Minnie and Flo Signed Note Cards For Sale

Jon's Minnie and Flo Notecards
Jon’s Minnie and Flo Notecards

We just got back Jon’s new Minnie and Flo Notecards.  I happen to think they’re Jon’s best notecards yet.  (Maybe that’s because I had something to do with choosing the images).  It’s nice to see Minnie and Flo on the back porch rockers with the chickens.  And just for a change of pace there’s one of Minnie and Red in the snow.  (Because Minnie wants to be everyone’s friend).

Each card is signed by Jon and On the back of each notecard are Jon’s words: “We have two barn cats at Bedlam Farm, Flo and Minnie, each a very different personality, each affectionate and ferocious, sometimes at the same time.  Cats are mysterious and mystical.”

There are four 5 x 7  cards per pack and each pack is $20 plus  $5 shipping for 1-2 packs and $10 shipping for 3 or more.  (outside the US shipping is $15 for one pack of cards).

If you’re interested in buying one or more packs, you can either use the paypal button below or you can send a check to Full Moon Fiber Art  PO Box 205 Cambridge NY 12816.   If you have any questions you can email me here or at [email protected].








14 thoughts on “Jon’s Minnie and Flo Signed Note Cards For Sale

  1. So excited to have note cards to go with my “Queen Flo” photograph I purchased at your first open house! Looking forward to more. Thanks for doing this! Also so, so happy to see you are getting use out of the cowl! Hope it’s helping a little with the cold! XXOO

    1. Yes, Brenda, Now you have the original to the notecards. It’s an image worth repeating. And I use my cowl everyday when I feed the animals. It’s perfect! Thanks again.

  2. In case you didn’t get my long email, please save me a set of notecards. I’ll put the check in the mail tomorrow.
    Stay warm.

  3. I ordered the cat notecards, and sent the first one tonight. They are beautiful and make me happy and bring thoughts of summer in our part of the planet.
    My thoughts have been with Minnie ever since her ordeal, I am sure she will recover and find her pleasures once again.
    I am trial rescuing two kitties and they have not emerged from under the bed since Monday. Oh yes, they came out last night, jumped on the TV stand, broke the TV stand and broke the 46″ TV. I bet you are saying, how are the kitties? Fine I guess, back under the bed. didn’t see that one coming.
    From New York City and Hillsdale, New York

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