Packing up the Minnie and Flo Note Cards

jon's notecardsLike a home-brewed Ma and Pa business Jon and I sat at the dining room table last night signing, folding and packing up the Minnie and Flo note cards.  They’d been calling out to me since we picked them up the day before, my obsessive tendencies screaming out to get them all organized and sealed up in their plastic sleeves.

As we signed and folded, we talked about future note cards, (Jon said Red and Zelda, I thought the donkeys and windowsill gallery) how to best sell them,  what we should do differently the next time, what sells and what doesn’t.  We talked about Mary Kellogg’s new poetry book and came up with some new and inexpensive ways to print it so it will be done for the Open House in June.

Lenore and Minnie hung around my chair for a while, Lenore licking Minnie’s head as she rubbed against Lenore’s nose.  Frieda when to Jon for some cuddles and soon after that,  I came across a bunch of cards with a smattering of dog hair on them.  They danced around as I tried to brush then off, the static electricity making them move but not want to leave.  I eventually got most of them free, but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone found one or two Frieda hairs in with their cards.

As we talked we decided that incentives were always good thing and fun so a came up with some giveaways to those people buying note cards.  The 50th buyer would get a signed copy of Jon’s book of short stories, “Dancing Dogs”, the 75th buyer will get their note cards free and the 100th buyer will get a signed copy of Jon’s latest book “Second Chance Dog”.

So far we’ve sold about 60 packs of note cards that I know of. (I’ll be announcing the winner when I count through them all)   These are the people who paid with paypal and a few who emailed me that they were sending checks.  I’m sure there are more checks coming in the mail that I don’t know about yet.  At this point it might be a good idea to email me if you’re sending a check so I can put a pack of cards aside for you.

So it looks like the cards are a bit of a hit.  We’ve been trying to figure this note card thing out for years.  I think may finally be onto something.

So if you’d like a pack and haven’t gotten one yet,  you can click  here for more details.

8 thoughts on “Packing up the Minnie and Flo Note Cards

  1. This is such a sweet and lovely story! Such a sweet and lovely way to spend a winter evening with each other and with your beloved pets! Lenore and Minnie sure seem to have a special relationship. Annie

  2. Just a warm delight to read this…and a big “yes, please!” to notecards with donkeys and the windowsill gallery!

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