Ma’s Twins: Deb and Jake

Ma And Jake
Ma And Jake

We named Ma’s twins Deb and Jake.  Deb after our animal sitter who was so very helpful during the past two weeks of lambing.  And Jake after Jon’s Grandfather,  the one who used to turn off his hearing aid when he didn’t want to listen to his wife yelling at him.  Deb (the lamb not the person)  is so vocal we thought that Jake might wish he sometimes had a hearing aid to turn off.

Deb, a really cute lamb with lots of attitude.

5 thoughts on “Ma’s Twins: Deb and Jake

  1. Maria, many people long to live in the country, on a farm or land, with cute animals envisioning a life of peacefulness and serenity. The reality is diametrically opposed to any fantasies one might have of country living on a farm with cute animals. I raised chickens for fourteen years here in the country and one of the first ‘yuks’ for me was I hadn’t realized that chickens had only one outlet for their eggs and their poop. I went off eggs for six months. Then, in raising Silkies, I experienced a hen cannibalizing her chicks as soon as they were born. Also, the term ‘pecking order’ does have its foundation in chickens. If a chicken is not well, the other chickens quickly pick this up and will peck it to death. While I haven’t dealt with other animals, Jon is right…being a caretaker of farm animals, while they look cute and are cute, is not an easy job nor for the faint-hearted. Tough decisions have to be made sometimes. My ‘rosy’ picture of farm living has certainly changed living here in the country and while I wouldn’t trade where I live for the life I had for 48 years in the city of Toronto, I can tell you that many people live with this fantasy of country living with farm animals and quickly find out that they are brought up short with their fantasies.
    SandyP in S.Ont. Canada

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more Sandy. I think of the ideas I had growing up in the Suburbs about animals and now, actually living with them and in a farming community, I think very differently.

  2. I picked up Ma’s wool today from the post office. Lovely and looking forward to using it this winter. Will probable make a cowl.

    Those lambs look good. They look like baby goats. Love kids and lambs.

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