Minnie Meow

Minnie relaxing on the back porch
Minnie relaxing on the back porch

Minnie has been loving laying on the warm slates on the back porch.  When I squatted down to take this picture, she lifted her head and meowed at me.  But she made no effort to get up for a scratch under the chin.  She seemed pretty content to me.

3 thoughts on “Minnie Meow

  1. I bet those sun-warmed slates feel very soothing, especially in the area where she had her leg amputated (like applying “Nature’s heating pad)! I love seeing Minnie reclaim her life, one paw at a time : )

  2. I’m sure Kathleen is right! How I love the lightening strike down Minnie’s nose; and this pic shows it up so fine. Annie

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