Heart Seeds

heart seeds card

Jon gave me this card for my Birthday.  The heart is handmade paper with seeds in it.  I’ve been waiting for just the right day to plant it. Today was that day. I was going to stick it in the garden,  but I want to keep a close eye on it and see what grows, so I put it in a flower-pot on the back  porch.

heart seeds

A thin layer of soil over the top and some water… you can probably guess what will happen, but I’ll let you know anyway when it does.    (You can see more of Martha’s plantable cards and things at  PulpArt.Etsy.com)


5 thoughts on “Heart Seeds

  1. My card! Wow, it is so neat to see the other end of my work, where it is given to someone and enjoyed by them. I hope you have success with it – just reminder to keep it moist until seedlings are established. If not, they will die.

    Good luck!

  2. What a wonderful idea!! I am looking forward to seeing exactly what the seeds are! (daisies?!?) Annie

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