My New-Old Quilt

quilt” I have something for you” Jon said as we stood outside George’s Ginofor Gallery in the rain waiting for the Memorial Day Parade to begin.   I told him he shouldn’t be buying me things, as I always do  when he buys me something.   But when I took the quilt out of the bag, I was glad (as I always am) that he did.  He got it from Jack’s Out Back, the antique shop next to the gallery.  Jon said there were two more quilts coming, that Jack was going to get them out of his storage shed.

I laid the quilt out on a chair in George’s Gallery and Donna and I looked at each different rectangle of fabric commenting on the design and colors.  It’s a two sided quilt, the back made of  long strips of the same fabrics.  That little maroon piece just off center is the only one like it.  Looks like the maroon dot in the center of a Queen Anne’s Lace to me.

The quilt was tattered and worn, the cotton batting sticking in so many places.  It came from a house  in White Creek, NY, not far from us, that has the date 1841 etched in marble over the front door.

I put the quilt in the washing machine on gentle, knowing that if I was going to use it, it would have to be able to withstand a few washings.  This is just the kind of quilt that no one wants to throw away but most people don’t want to keep either.  But I’m not shy about cutting it up and giving it a second life.  (or parts of it anyway).  It was tacked not quilted, so I snipped each piece of yarn and separated the two sides.  Even with all the wear, there’s still a lot of good, unique, vintage fabric in this quilt.  It has my mind spinning.

Detail of some of the fabric in the quilt .
Detail of some of the fabric in the quilt .

8 thoughts on “My New-Old Quilt

  1. Dearest Maria,
    Having just listened to the Gee Bend Quilters singing, I have to make sure to give you flowers while you yet live….just love your blogs and particularly enjoyed catching up on your week’s posts…the old quilt, the seed card, and lamb details, and the Dahlia bulbs – pure love of life in your words. I am thankful for all the time you and Jon take letting us look into your lives and learning about and loving life. Blessings on your week!

  2. This fabric is gorgeous, can’t wait to see the wonders you’ll create. And kudos to Jack for knowing this was meant for you.

  3. Dear Maria, what a beautiful thing, this quilt! I am drawn to the one maroon/red piece…….so reminiscent of the log cabin theme of always having a red *center*….symbolizing home and hearth. Perhaps that is its purpose? How much fun you will have creating things from this lovely quilt- I can’t wait to see what you will dream up!
    Hugs from Calif

  4. So pretty up close and personal …. Many years ago my husband’s great aunt gave me an old tattered quilt to cushion a bed she was giving us .. I washed it and then made pillows, cutting a square and framing it on four sides with old sheets … added ruffles from some worn out Cape Cod curtains … hated to throw anything out then, and I still have some of those pillows 35 years later … will be anxious to see how you use this wonder quilt … Elaine

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