Everyday Moon Goddess

Moon Goddess
Everyday Moon Goddess

I knew the Moon Goddess wanted to be a part of this piece as soon as I saw the Moon Goddess necklace Jon gave me for out anniversary.

So I started looking at all those ancient carvings of women.  I have a nice collection of them on one of my  Pinterest boards.  I took in what I saw and made an  Everyday Moon Goddess.  In my mind, there’s something and timeless and eternal about woman and the moon. Something we all share. The phases of life and cycles of the month. An ever present connection to the natural world and the natural inside of us.   Grounded in the earth and reaching for the moon.   A Moon Goddess in every woman.

Everyday Moon Goddess will be for sale at the Bedlam Farm Open House this weekend.  What ever I don’t sell at the Open House I’ll be selling on my site next week.

5 thoughts on “Everyday Moon Goddess

  1. It is beautiful. Looking forward to reading about the open house. Would love to come someday. I am always busy preserving food this time of year. Your sheep produce some awesome wool. Sorry to see them go. From the Phony Farm in TN.

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