Open Heart Disney

Frieda and Minnie
Flo sat in front of Frieda and swatted and hissed at her.  Frieda backed up and landed on the dog bed next to sleeping Minnie.  I chased Flo away.  I think Frieda’s a bit embarrassed by it all.

It’s finally here.  Disney!  When I think about why we’re going and how we’re going I feel so warm inside.  Not just because we’re going to Florida, but because of the all the wonderful people who made this happen for us.  Sometimes it almost easy to forget that Jon had Open Heart Surgery, that’s how good he’s doing.  But it’s also why we’re going to Disney tomorrow.   A bunch of generous and kind people who love Jon and his work gave him the trip to thank him for all he’s done for them.  And I want to thank you all again who made it possible.

I am so ready to have a good time, a relaxing time, and to be warm again.  So the animals on the farm are going to have to work things out by themselves for a while.  Six days actually. Of course they’ll have Deb (our sitter not the sheep)  to help with the big stuff, and Red to help her (except when it comes to Flo, that is).

I’m taking my computer with me so I’ll be posting from the Wilderness Lodge (luckily not so wild) and I’m sure Instagram will get a work out too.  So no more snowy animals pictures for a while, just blue skies and sunshine!

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  1. Good thing you are not here right now. We are experiencing our first rain and thunder for 2015. The rest of the week looks better, don’t forget your sun block.

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