What About Prince Charming?


princess 2

There are so many princesses at Disney

There are whole shops
to dressing girls up
in princess clothes
and princess hair

There are fewer pirates at Disney

Little boys with painted beards
pirate hats and swords

The girls are princesses
The boys are pirates

What about Prince Charming?

Are the princesses destined to marry the pirates?

Wh0 encourages
their son
to dress up in tights
and a jacket with puffy sleeves
to have their hair styled in a soft brown wave

Prince Charming lives only
inside the rides, painted on the walls,
holding the princess in Happily Ever After

Disney is full of Princesses and Pirates

but today,

I saw two girls dressed like pirates
and one boy dressed as Peter Pan







2 thoughts on “What About Prince Charming?

  1. The sad truth is that many princesses grow up to marry Peter Pan (“I WON’T grow up! I don’t wanna go to school . . .”). A pirate would be a step up.

  2. I love what Jill wrote!! I work in a children’s program (and how I enjoy it!!) I agree with your observation that ALL the little girls are princesses (The two from the movie “Frozen”, hands down, are the favorites among our girls)BUT NOT ONE BOY WOULD EVER BE CAUGHT AS PRINCE CHARMING!! They are usually pirates, with firemen and Vikings tied for second place. This is a great poem. Annie

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