Good Bye Disney…

it'a small world. good bye fbGood Bye Disney, good bye warm sun and blue skies.  Good bye It’s A Small World.  We’ll get on the plane tomorrow morning and make our way back to Bedlam Farm.  Until then, there’s some more sunshine to soak in and some more good meals to eat and rides to ride.

I consider myself blessed to have been Jon’s partner in this trip that all those people out there made happen.  So thank you, once again.   See you back at the farm.

3 thoughts on “Good Bye Disney…

  1. Maria, the benefits of a vacation are, for me, most often felt back at home. I feel refreshed, re-energized, renewed. I look at things a little differently, what bothered me before, I can assimilate more easily. I love my own bed but I know from years of traveling how much a week’s vacation feels when you get back home. Don’t know if you and Jon feel this way or not. You’ve had such an interesting trip, seen so much that we can enjoy through your eyes and your perceptions.
    Now back to winter…not such a bad thing after all. The sun is shining brightly here at home. Everything is more easily handled on a sunny day, I find.
    SandyP in Southern Ontario, Canada

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