Minnie’s Part in Making My String Chair

Minnie on my chair

Minnie started sitting on my String Chair.  I started working on it again, since we’re feeding the animals hay and I have new baling twine to tie to the chair.  ( I started wrapping the old seatless chair last fall with the baling twine from the hay bales we feed the animals.  You can see the difference in color between last years faded twine and this year’s bright green).

Minnie’s actually influencing how I tie and wrap and braid the twine on the chair.   I began making loops sticking up from the seat of the chair, but now I want to make sure I leave a comfortable place for Minnie to sit, so I have to think of something else to do.

4 thoughts on “Minnie’s Part in Making My String Chair

  1. I love this chair. It looks like the braided mane of a horse. The string has such motion. Glad it is also useful.

  2. I love this picture of Minnie sitting right in the middle of your “work in progress”. And now she’s influencing how the chair turns out! Annie

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