Snake Goddess, Claiming Herself

Snake Goddess
Snake Goddess

I wanted a goddess for my new piece, but the ones I was thinking of just didn’t seem right.  Then, last night, I opened up my “Language of the Goddess” book and there she was.  How was it that I’d never seen her before.  It was a small photograph of a statue of a Snake Goddess with both hands on her breasts.  It looked to me like she was claiming the rights to her body, to herself.  I knew she needed to be on the quilt.

So I did a bunch of drawings, making her into my own version.  I’m not done with her yet.  And I’m not sure where she’ll go on the quilt.  But I think I’m going to cut away the fabric around her and sew her right onto the quilt.  Stitching over some of the marker lines and using colorful markers and  to fill her in.


The quilt has three small squares of fabric with these sailor/flagmen on them.  I wanted to highlight them so I stitched the strawberry trim around them following the curves and dips of the quilt.

lace tree

This is what the quilt looked like when I left my studio tonight.

6 thoughts on “Snake Goddess, Claiming Herself

  1. I particularly like this goddess, although I have to say, all of your goddesses are inspiring. Have mine started, but need to get back to it.

  2. Now I know what to do! When my daughter, now in her 50s, was a kindergartener she had a jumper which used exactly the same strawberry ribbon trim for its buckled-on shoulder straps and pockets decoration. It has languished in my scraps collection–too pretty to throw out and not at all worn.

    I am going to use it to edge a cushion and I am going to so enjoy looking through my other material and then making it. I think I have enough Tana lawn “The strawberry thief” and this will be a perfect match.

    Your quilt is spectacular.

    1. You must have a great collection if you saved that Erika. Love the connection and now i’ll picture your daughters jumper when I look at that strawberry trim.

  3. Not a big collection–left-overs from dress-making mostly, but too pretty to toss. I have a quilt-making friends and she gets the usable pieces too small for anything else.

    It reminds me also of my mother. She kept pretty wrapping papers in the same way and during and after WWII when you could not buy these over in Europe she re-used them at Christmas time said that they were so welcome.

    Have a happy and creative day and keep warm!

    1. Erika, my friend and poet, Mary Kellogg found a box in her inlaws house after they died. It was labeled “stings too short to tie”. And that just what it was a box filled with small stings. She wrote a poem by that name.

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