Mr Blockhead In His Car, By Ed Gulley

"Mr Blockhead in his car" by Ed Gulley
“Mr Blockhead In His Car” by Ed Gulley

I got a text message from Carol Gulley this afternoon asking if we knew where Mr Blockhead was because Ed thought he just drove in his driveway.

Apparently Mr Blockhead gets around.   The last time I saw him he was in Jon’s Muse Corner in his office (We moved him there from the back porch earlier today) now he’s driving around White Creek, NY.

It seems there’s more than just one Mr Blockhead.   I just hope he’ll drive to the Bedlam Farm Open House in June, and take part in my art show.  It also makes me  wonder where he’ll turn up next and what he’ll be doing.

2 thoughts on “Mr Blockhead In His Car, By Ed Gulley

  1. You guys are entering “meme” territory here. Watch out internet. I can see the Mr Blockhead Tumblrs, .GIFs, and viral videos coming from a mile away.

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