Izzy Settles In


Donna said she was so glad that Izzy would have a good home.  The woman who Donna got her and four other sheep from had to leave her farm and was going to send the sheep to slaughter.  That’s when Donna, who has sheep, goats, horses and chickens of her own, stepped in.  She said the sheep were just too beautiful, their wool too good, for them to be slaughtered for meat.

And I can say, having felt it, Izzy’s wool is soft and luscious.  And she seems to be a good sheep too.  She gave Red a hard time, as I would imagine a new sheep might do, then she sent Fate running.  But she joined the flock without any trouble.

An hour after she came we put the sheep and Chloe and the Donkeys all together.  There was a few minutes of them chasing Izzy around, but they lost interest pretty quickly.   Now, Izzy’s resting in the cool of the pole barn with all the other animals.

We’re so happy with Izzy in all ways, that Jon and I are thinking of taking another of the sheep Donna is trying to find a home for.   Even if we do, Donna will still have two Romneys that need  a place to live.  So if anyone out there, who lives close by,  is looking for a good-natured sheep with beautiful wool to adopt,  you can leave a comment on my blog, or email me at [email protected].


5 thoughts on “Izzy Settles In

  1. Oooh, she is a beautiful sheep. I imagine there will be a waiting list for her wool. I’m glad she has a home with your flock.

  2. She’s lovely. Getting a sheep is out of the question for me but I really like her! I hope you do get another of the Romneys.

  3. I wish had space for her… Romneys have gorgeous wool that makes strong, beautiful yarn. It should be good on its’ own, or mixed with wool from one of the others- wait until you see it in roving!

    1. I’m looking forward to seeing what it looks like Bridgett. We’re still working on getting another sheep from Donna. It seems she may need Reds help in getting her confined.

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