Suzy’s “Corn on the Cob” Gloves

Suzy Fatzinger's fingerless gloves
Suzy Fatzinger’s fingerless gloves

I was a little surprised when Suzy texted me this photo of one of her fingerless gloves at the beach.  But before she left for her vacation, Suzy finished spinning her wool so she could knit while she sat at the ocean.

Corn on the Cob, I thought when I saw the yellow glove.  Suzy is making the gloves to sell at the Bedlam Farm Open House in October.  After I put in my Three Sister’s Garden she found herself making gloves orange, green and yellow, representing the squash, beans and corn of the garden.

It’s lovely sitting on the beach knitting – soothing” Suzy texted me.

I have a feeling those corn on the cob gloves, that were born on the beach,  are going to bring some sunshine to whoever wears them this winter.

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