My Quilt Began With An “Ancient Egypt” Skirt

Ancient Egypt fabric

Ancient Egypt on a  skirt.   I got it in a thrift store in Brattleboro, Vermont.  I loved the imagery and the colors. Yesterday I tried to make it into potholders, but it wanted to be a part of a quilt instead.

This is what I did today…

Ancient Egypt detail 1

I found a  hexagon from and old quilt top someone gave me, that had just the right colors in it.   I made it into a square….

Ancient Egypt detail2

….I found where it went and sewed some more…

Ancient Egypt detail3

…then turned the quilt on its side….

Ancient Egypt detail4

…found another hexagon and made it into a square….

Ancient Egypt quilt1

…and kept sewing till I finished.

The color of my quilt is really off in this picture.   But it was getting dark by the time I finished working so I couldn’t get a good picture of it.   Tomorrow I’ll work on the backing and get a better photo in the daylight.  But for now, this gives an idea of what the quilt looks like.

6 thoughts on “My Quilt Began With An “Ancient Egypt” Skirt

  1. Maria, this quilt is AMAZING! The first pic of the Egypt fabric looked ugly to me, and I thought ‘I wonder how Maria will turn THIS into something beautiful. I KNOW she WILL!” And the following pics that illustrate your artistic progress show such an amazing transformation!! You really do have a gift for turning things other people see no possibilities for, into BEAUTY!! Annie

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