Ed Gulley’s Wind Chimes Making Music At Bedlam Farm

It a good thing when Ed Gully doesn’t pick up his art right away after the Bedlam Farm Open House.  Because then we get to have it a little longer in our yard.

Today the warm wind didn’t stop blowing and Ed’s Wind Chimes didn’t stop making music for a minute.  I actually like the way the two chimes sounded together.  One like the constant shushing of a wire brush on a cymbal and the other the strong clear tones of metal on metal.

Ed’s Wind Chimes are for sale, they’re $200 each.  And if you’re looking for something good to read and see check out Ed and Carol Gulley’s blog Bejosh Farm Journal.  They just had a new Swiss steer born and have a video of the vultures eating the afterbirth.  Life on the farm…

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