Kitten Break

Anne  working in my studio today.

The Monday after the Open House I always figure out the money.  I like to get the cash in the bank and get the artists their checks as soon as I can.   Usually I do this upstairs in the guest room/office.  But this time Anne, my bookkeeper, suggested we  work on it together.

I thought it a brilliant idea.

For me, each time I have to figure out the spread sheet, with all the artists, their work, the prices, taxes and commissions, it’s as if it’s for the first time.  I always forget since I only do it twice a year. And it’s a really good idea to have someone backing my up on my numbers,  which I’m not so great at.

Since my studio is in its transition phase, and my desk empty, I thought it would be better for us to work together there.  Also, I put an air conditioner in for the Open House yesterday (it was 89 wonderful degrees) and it was already sweltering in the guest room by 10 am.

We kept to our business throughout the day, taking an hour lunch break.

But we did stop when I got a text from Carol Gulley.

Carol took home the two kittens that Anne found in her woodpile and brought to the Open House on Saturday, trying to find a home for them.  Carol wrote in her blog post today that she couldn’t imagine separating the two.

Anne got one of her big smiles when I showed her the picture that Carol texted me  of one of the kittens and  her cat Shivers.

Suddenly I felt as if the three of us, Anne, Carol and me were connected in a new way.   In my mind a saw a triangle and it was the kittens that drew us together.

Another good thing to come out of the Open House.

You can follow the adventures of Black Tiger, Ophelia, and Shivers here on Carol’s blog Bejosh Farm Journal.

Shivers and Black Tiger (peeking out from under the couch)  Photo by Carol Gulley




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